Johnston Family Scholarship


Johnston Family Scholarship

Peter Johnston is offering a scholarship in the amount of $199.00 to honor his family and particularly his brother, Rob Johnston.  Pete would like to support a deserving Ski or Snowboard Instructor to pursue their passion in teaching Snowsports. 

Pete writes: I skied for the first time at Yawgoo in 1974. I started teaching when I realized how expensive it was going to be to pursue this sport with my family.  Nine people from my family have worked at Yawgoo Valley Snowsports since 1996.

With over 20 years at the school and nine members of my family teaching there, Yawgoo Valley means a lot to me. Over the years I’ve seen it struggle and grow to become better than ever. I would like to see it continue to get better.  Yawgoo has helped numerous young people grow into young adults and become a source of pride for them. 

Application Deadline is January 30th, 2019

There is an application and review process. General requirement listed below.

  • Instructors must be at least a Level 1 certified member of PSIA-AASI.
  • Instructors must have worked at Yawgoo Valley for 3 or more seasons.
  • Instructors PSIA-AASI Membership status must be up to date.
  • Open to Ski or Snowboard Instructors who have committed to *Full-Time status and have honored their commitments.
  • Instructors who exhibit true professionalism.
  • Instructors may not receive scholarships in two consecutive seasons.
  • Scholarship awards are towards event fees only.
  • You must submit an application prior to deadline.
  • You must present proof of registration, payment and completed attendance prior to receiving funds.
  • Award recipients must give back to the school by sharing their newly gained knowledge and skills at a clinic or write a review for the school’s newsletter.  

*The YVSS Scholar program is intended to lessen the burden of event fees associated with a PSIA/AASI training event.  It is not for travel, lodging, or personal fees. 


2019 Scholarship Application

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • You may apply for any available scholarships for which you qualify. You may not receive scholarships in two consecutive seasons. For the Yawgoo Valley Snowsports Scholarships one scholarship is awarded per staff member.
  • Please indicate if you are part time or full time status.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY